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On a recent Sunday, member Barbara Curtis shared her insight and reflections on peace.  We share her message here.

In 2001, I [Barbara Curtis] was visiting the Israel neighborhood of the promised babe we call “Prince of Peace.” He grew up right there, walked right there, taught right there, died right there, arose there so … WHERE IS THIS PROMISED PEACE POSSIBLE IF NOT IN JESUS’ OWN NEIGHBORHOOD?

Every historic city in Israel sits on layers of rubble offering examples of building, destroying, re-building, over eons of time. Conflict in this region certainly is not only recent! But, because of on-going CURRENT DAY conflicts, we witness the continuation of this age old pattern. We also witness the pain and desperation of everyone who lives in the region!

It is a frustration to recognize what seems like complete powerlessness over what is happening in the mid-east today. When I, Barbara, seek peace, pray for peace, imagine peace it seems to have no impact upon the hot spots around the globe! What can we do in the name of peace? Here is one possibility.

Leo Tolstoy wrote, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves.

Well … I returned home from Israel in 2001 with the understanding that there was only one place where I had the power to establish peace, only one thing I have any power to change, and that is my own heart.

Read Barbara’s entire message here.



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