Peace Litany — Dec. 6

Leader: The season of Advent continues. Four thousand years of waiting for the Messiah, commemorated by the light of four candles.

People: We join with a hopeful throng in lighting of the Advent candles, symbols of our faith and signs of God’s love.

Leader: We are a people of Hope. last Sunday, the frail light of a single candle dared to pierce through the darkness of desolation and sin.

People: Hope lives in us and will abide with us.

Leader: Today we will light the candle of Peace.

People: This light, too, must brave great darkness.

Leader: In an age when people so seldom find peace within themselves, and when all the earth stands under threat of annihilation — from war, disease, environmental degradation and disregard for “others”, we light a fire called Peace.

People: Peace that is not merely the absence of war and conflict, but Peace that is the fullness of blessing for all — that is the Peace for which we dare to hope.

Leader: Christ comes to bring Peace to those who have been separated from God and one another.

People: In the name of that Child born so long ago, we light the candle of Peace.

Leader: In following Christ’s teachings, we nurture our hope for Peace even today.

Paul & Aenne Brown

(Lighting of the candles of HOPE and PEACE)

Prayer: Gracious God, we pray this advent Season that as you created the world, you will recreate for us Hope and Peace that our hears need for all the world. Help us strive for Peace. Help us give the light of Peace to the word. Amen.